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Our story

nomadic ideas in one soap

a soap can be just that: a soap, but it can most definitely be a gateway to fond

memories, from big life moments to childhood nostalgia.  


we use ingredients found in your pantry

we believe in a good product that is so safe that it is edible (though, we wouldn't recommend it). Seasonally picked lavender, single root turmeric, locally sourced camomile are on the menu.

No cutting corners in this circle

we keep it simple, look for the best manufacturers and suppliers, choosing only things we want to use ourselves. we use natural dyes, high-grade essential oils and always prefer BIPOC-owned business to support.


we're keeping packaging and waste to a minimum

less can really be more. if you come pick up the soaps and salts from us, there is something in it for you. we'll give you an extra soap to take home as a thanks for supporting your local business.

we give monthly to non-profits

the idea of giving monthly really came organically, but we give to some really great non-profits every month. Keep in touch via our Instagram to see each month's nonprofits.

supporting our communities one bar at a time!

why et toi?

et toi, as in "and you" in French felt like a completely natural transition from my love of soap making and tinkering around in the kitchen for salts to sharing that feeling with you. So this handmade soap and salt company really is a story of me and you. 


et toi is a small batch soap and salt company and all products are made by me.

i wanted to share them with you because they are to me a "spark joy" item. fun to look at and use, i hope they become a spark joy item for you as they are for me. 

aisha ataka


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