a nomadic tale

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Meet Aisha aki

I grew up in Pakistan's bustling Karachi, studied in London after which I moved to my father's native Osaka, Japan. I have always been curious about soap making and feel very olfactory motivated (is that a thing? I feel like my candle and scent collection can attest to that being a "yes"!) 

I decided to start handmade soaps for my husband when we moved to San Francisco, realizing that a regular bar of soap didn't evoke excitement and on a practical level just didn't last long.

With my tools ready, I quickly gravitated towards high quality therapeutic ingredients that made sense together.

I love borrowing from my travels and the places I have called home in my soaps. 

When I am not making soaps and salts, I am snuggling with my cats (Rayu and Naya- who happen to be guardians of "et toi land"), playing Hades or Animal Crossing depending on the day, and going on hikes.


what does et toi mean?

Fun fact: My Japanese name was very nearly Toi ​which translates to Ten / One, my birthday. 

Et Toi meaning "and you" in French, which feels like the right word to describe how my soap journey is now ours.